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Business Insider (Finland) - Finland is considering to hike alcohol limits to 5,5% — and it turns out the ambassadors of Denmark, Portugal and other major booze exporters have secretly lobbied the effort

When Finland and Sweden joined the EU in 1995, one of the conditions was that the alcohol monopolies be broken up under Brussels competition rules. Although the production and distribution sides of that bargain were honored, state-owned retail monopolies

The West Australian (Australia) - Figures show employed Aussies turn to alcohol, cocaine to cope

Employed people are more inclined to regularly drink riskier levels of alcohol than the unemployed, data suggests.

EurekAlert - Interventions for alcohol and hypertension could save hundreds of lives across EU

Routine screening and interventions for hazardous and harmful alcohol use for people with hypertension in primary care could save hundreds of lives across the European Union, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Medicine.

BBC News - Sporty people likely to drink more alcohol, survey finds

People in Wales who exercise regularly are more likely to drink above the recommended alcohol allowance than those who do no sport, a survey has found.

The Independent (UK) - Government accused of cutting vital drug and alcohol services as £43m slashed from addiction budgets

The Government has been accused of presiding over “staggering cuts” to vital drug and alcohol services, forcing town halls to slash £43m from addiction budgets in one year.

SBS (Australia) - Sport alcohol sponsorship must go: experts

Analysis shows one-third of complaints made to the Alcohol Review Board (AARB) over the past five years were sport-related, prompting renewed calls for alcohol sponsorship of sport to be banned.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Reduce alcohol by a litre a year, see a 15 per cent reduction in liver cancer

Reducing Australia's per-capita alcohol consumption by just one litre a year would drive a significant reduction in head, neck and liver cancer deaths.

The Guardian (USA) - From sex to alcohol, American teenagers are in no rush to grow up

Kids today: they just don’t drink and have sex like they used to. According to a new study, young people are defying the expectations of adults yet again by failing to accelerate themselves towards adulthood with the characteristic speed of their teenage

Elle UK Magazine (UK) - One In Ten Millenials Think Getting Drunk Is 'Cool', Says Study

A new report has been published this month which claims that millennials are increasingly more inclined to swap pints of beer for wheatgrass shots and prioritise wellness over intoxication.

Saskatoon StarPhoenix (Canada) - Prince Albert declares Oct. 2 'No Alcohol Day'

Prince Albert will mark ‘No Alcohol Day’ on Oct. 2. It will coincide with events being held around the world as part of the World Health Assembly’s ‘No Alcohol Day’.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Last orders for ministerial conflicts with alcohol industry?

When Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe was asked at a briefing in July about whether it was appropriate for him to hold shares in Diageo, given the ongoing debate over alcohol taxation, he seemed perplexed.

The Independent - Brighter Futures: Challenging perceptions of Millennials

A new report has been published which claims that millennials are all “sober socialites,” shunning boozy nights out and pub trips for green smoothies (packed with protein and veg rather than sugary fruit, natch) and wellness festivals.

Reuters (USA) - Dozens of alcohol-flavored tobacco products may lure teens

Nearly 50 alcohol-flavored tobacco product lines are marketed by more than 400 tobacco brands in the United States and these products may especially attract teens, luring them into tobacco addiction, according to a new study.

Healio - Psoriasis increases risk for alcohol-related mortality

Individuals with psoriasis were at a 60% increased risk for mortality due to alcohol-related causes, according to recent findings.


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