Successful GAPA Virtual Event held

The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance Virtual Event 2021 was held 12-14 October 2021. The event offered three interactive sessions each day in different time zones. Over the three days the 700 registered participants joined nine session with all together ten key-note speakers, followed by comments from a panel of regional representatives and discussion among participants. 37 panellists kicked of interesting and engaging discussions among participants. A report will follow from the event.

The three daily session were spread across time zones suitable for different regions. Sessions A covered Asia and the Western Pacific; sessions B Europe, Africa and Eastern Mediterranean; and sessions C the Americas. The C-sessions had translation to/from Spanish and in the last session also Portuguese.

Each day of the event had a different topic:

  • Day 1: Protection of alcohol policy from industry interests
    • Ms Gianna Gayle Amul, Dr Nason Hessari Maani and Ms Paula Johns presented in this session
  • Day 2: The three best buys alcohol policy measures – Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity: update on effective interventions – preview of 3rd revised edition
    • Professor Thomas Babor, Professor Bundit Sornpaisarn, Professor Michael Livingston and Professor Sally Casswell presented in this session
  • Day 3: The way forward – Draft alcohol action plan; technical report; coalition building
    • Professor Sally Casswell, Ms Patti Rundall and Dr Thaksaphon Thamarangsi (Mek) presented in this session

See the program details for sessions in each region:

See also the GAPA Virtual Event web-site for program details.