Successful GAPA Virtual Event held

The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance Virtual Event 2021 was held 12-14 October 2021. The event offered three interactive sessions each day in different time zones. Over the three days the 700 registered participants joined nine session with all together ten key-note speakers, followed by comments from a panel of regional representatives and discussion among participants. 37 panellists kicked of interesting and engaging discussions among participants. A report will follow from the event.

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GAPA Virtual Event 12-14 October 2021

Global Alcohol Policy Alliance Virtual Event announcement

The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance Virtual Event 2021 will be held 12-14 October 2021, in the same week that was originally planned for GAPC 2021. While GAPC has been postponed to 2023 the GAPA Virtual Event will offer interactive sessions in different time zones. Each day there will be a session with key-note speakers which will be followed by a regional session with comments from a panel of regional representatives and discussion among participants.

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GAPA appeal to President of South Africa

The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance has followed with interest the debate around issuing alcohol licences at petrol stations in South Africa and in a letter to Presiden Cyril Ramaphosa raised concern over the present development. “With the serious challenges related both to alcohol problems and road traffic deaths and injuries, allowing petrol stations to become additional alcohol outlets is the wrong signal to send.”

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GAPA online forum

Following the successful Global Alcohol Policy Conference in Dublin GAPA hosted a series of online discussions to reflect on themes arising from GAPC 2020. These moderated discussions ran from 1 April until 31 May 2020 on Workplace (an online platform similar to Facebook) where participants connected with like-minded alcohol policy advocates. Video recordings of the conference plenary sessions was made available for review and participants provided valuable input to inform GAPA’s future efforts to accelerate global progress in alcohol control.

GAPC 2020 in Dublin, Ireland

Health Minister, Simon Harris TD delivering opening address at Global Alcohol Policy Conference (GAPC) 2020
“When the public health lobby get together, we can achieve great things,” Minister of Health, Simon Harris TD said.

The 6th Global Alcohol Policy Conference (GAPC) was held in Dublin Ireland in early March, marking the 20th anniversary since the first GAPC. The event was held a week before most of Europe imposed severe restrictions due to the Covid-19 situation. Of the 412 registrations from 50 countries; 340 attended from 47 countries.

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