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  • Professor Sally Casswell in debate at Boston University2 October – GAPA Chair Professor Sally Casswell debated with Scott Ratzan of the AB InBev Foundation about the opportunities and challenges of private-sector collaborations with academic public health in an event organised by the Boston University School of Public Health.
    Read The Great Debate, a report from the event by Thomas Babor and Katherine Robaina
    See the Alcohol case study debate.
    See more information about the event.
  • 28 September, GAPA involved in the side event “Alcohol, NCDs and Sustainable Development – Where do we stand and where do we go?” held in the United Nations Headquarters in New York in connection with the UN High Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases. At the side event a new WHO-led global initiative was launched – SAFER – aiming to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. The side event was organised by World Health Organization, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Estonia, Thailand, Suriname, Sweden, Philippines and IOGT International.
  • 27 September GAPA joins over 300 organisations and experts calling on world leaders to seize the ‘do or die’ moment of the third UN High-Level Meeting to address NCDs to go above and beyond the vague and unambitious commitments contained in the Political Declaration adopted in New York on 27th September 2018. Part of the statements says: “The absence of strong language on implementing the Best Buys, which focus on taxation, regulation and legislation, is a glaring omission from the document. This reflects interference and undue influence of health-harmful industries over a few countries who were prepared to shamelessly block progress for all. We are deeply disappointed that too few countries were prepared to stand up and show real leadership to put the health and wellbeing of their people ahead of the short-term and short-sighted economic interests of the few.”
    Read the joint statement here
  • 24 September, Trouble Brewing: Four major global health organizations warn that countries are ignoring the harms of alcohol consumption. Launch of the report “Trouble Brewing” by four global health and development organizations, Vital Strategies, the NCD Alliance, IOGT International and the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA)
  • 24 May, GAPA chair Sally Casswell speaks at a side event during the 71st World Health Assembly: “FROM BURDEN TO SOLUTION; Ending TB, beating NCDs and achieving Health for All through Alcohol Policy Best Buys Implementation” hosted by Permanent Missions of Botswana, Estonia, Guyana, Slovenia and Thailand together with IOGT International.
  • 13 March, UNITAR must end alcohol and road safety partnership with ABInBev. In a joint open letter GAPA has reiterated the concerns over United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) having entered into partnership with the world’s biggest brewing company, Anheuser-Busch InBev. Partnering with the alcohol industry to promote road safety constitutes a fundamental and grave conflict of interest, says the letter. Read the letter here.
  • 2 March 2018. “The constructive meeting is first step towards ending Global Fund’s ill-advised partnership with Heineken, though concerns remain,” the three organisations stated after having met with Global Fund Executives in Geneva. Read the statement here.
  • 1 February 2018, sending a joint letter of concern to The Global Fund together with IOGT International and NCD Alliance regarding the announced partnership between The Global Fund and Heineken. The letter is being endorsed by a number of civil society organisations and networks.






  • 7–9 October 2013, Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2013, “Alcohol, Civil Society and Public Health: From Local Action to Global Change”, COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea. Download GAPC 2013 Summary Report (pdf)
  • February 2013, Statement of Concern: The international public health community responds to the global alcohol producers’ attempts to implement the WHO Global Strategy on the Harmful Use of Alcohol. Download the full report here.


  • 30 April 2012, 2nd NCD NGO Dialogue meeting, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 13–15 February 2012, Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2012, “From Global Strategies to Local Actions”, Impact Convention Centre, Nonthaburi, Thailand.




  • 23-24 November 2008, WHO Roundtable meeting with NGOs and health professionals on ways they could contribute to reducing harmful use of alcohol. Report available at WHO website
  • October – November 2008: Web-based consultation (WHO public hearings) with Member States and other stakeholders on ways of reducing harmful use of alcohol. Submissions available at WHO web site