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BBC News (Wales) - Welsh minimum alcohol price law passes first hurdle

A plan to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol has passed its first hurdle in the assembly. Assembly members backed the general principle of the law in a vote in the Senedd on Tuesday.

Euractive (EU) - Alcohol labelling proposal fails to end debate on calories

The alcohol industry presented on 12 March their self-regulatory proposal on labelling, focusing on “flexibility” for wine, beer, spirits and cider. Alcohol makers will be free to decide whether to place information on the label, online or both. (Canada) - Quebec to ban high sugar, alcohol drinks from grocery, convenience stores

The Quebec government will move to ban sales of sugary, high-alcohol beverages in convenience (dépanneurs) and grocery stores.

Riverine Herald - ‘Any alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer’

ECHUCA-MOAMA people need greater education about healthy drinking guidelines, according to a recent study from Cancer Council Victoria. (UK) - Health watchdog pushes harder for mandatory alcohol labelling

A health watchdog that recently published potentially crippling alcohol labelling recommendations has poo-pooed the trade’s latest nutritional information proposal.

EURACTIV (EU) - Commission still vague about online alcohol labelling

Consumer needs and expectations should be the main drivers in defining alcohol labelling, a European Commission spokesperson told when asked about the effectiveness of online labelling, an option the alcohol industry wants to introduce.


What state parties hardest? You might think California, or maybe New York—but it turns out North Dakota drinks the most alcohol. (Netherlands) - Dutch employers want privacy law changes, to test staff for alcohol and drugs

The two main Dutch employers organisations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland have called for changes to the privacy laws to allow companies working with chemicals and radioactive products to test staff for drink and drugs.

Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - SNP crackdown on booze pricing 'will reduce Scots drinking'

The SNP’s flagship crackdown on problem boozers will succeed in stopping Scots drinking, official UK Government estimates showed yesterday.

Financial Times (Russia) - Putin claims credit for healthier Russia as vodka intake falls

Strictly speaking, using dumbbells outside the gym is forbidden. But the gym at the Youth Residential Complex Butovo gets so crowded that some weightlifters spill out into the corridor.

The Conversation (USA) - Booze and basketball: Why binge drinking increases during March Madness

For every tip-off during March Madness, it’s a sure bet that students at the schools playing in the basketball tournament will be tipping up more beer bottles than usual.

Womens Health - Binge-Drinking Just Once A Month Can Have A Significant Health Impact

Binge drinking just one night a month for five years can pack more than 4.5 kilograms onto your waistline. Sorry to be a bummer!

House of Commons (UK) - BRIEFING PAPER: Alcohol: minimum pricing

The debate about a minimum price for alcohol has been prompted by concerns about high levels of drinking, its effect on public health and public order, and a widespread belief that most of the alcohol that contributes to drunken behaviour is irresponsibly

Public Health Post - Alcohol Policies and Alcohol-Involved Homicides

In our recent study, we examined the presence of alcohol among 27,000 homicide victims across 17 states during the decade 2003 to 2012. We found that restrictive state policies regarding alcohol distribution and consumption were associated with lower leve


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