• The GAPA mission is to reduce alcohol-related harm worldwide by promoting science-based policies independent of commercial interests.

The Objectives of GAPA:

  • Provide a forum for alcohol policy advocates through meetings, information sharing, publications, and electronic communications; with the purpose to disseminate information internationally on effective alcohol policies and policy advocacy;
  • Bring to the attention of national governments, international governmental and non-governmental agencies and communities the social, economic, and health consequences of alcohol consumption and related harm; with the purpose to advocate for international and national governmental and non-governmental efforts to reduce alcohol related harm worldwide;
  • Co-operate with national and local organizations and communities to alleviate alcohol-related problems;
  • Encourage international research on the social and health impact of the actions of the multinational alcohol beverage industry;
  • Monitor and promote research on the impact of international trade agreements on alcohol-related harm;
  • Monitor the activities of the alcoholic beverage industry;
  • Place priority on research and advocacy regarding those parts of the world where alcohol problems are increasing;
  • Ensure that member groups in those areas have the technology and support capacity to participate in a global network for communication and action.