GAPA meeting with Eurocare and WHO – 24 September 2003

Leading advocates in the field of alcohol policy from around the world came together at a series of meetings in Cambridge. Ideas and news were exchanged between members of Eurocare, the organisation of groups working towards the prevention of Alcohol Related Harm in Europe, and GAPA, the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance.

Prior to the meeting WHO (World Health Organization) invited representatives from NGO’s to a consultancy. Dr Pekka Puska, the Director of Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at WHO and Leanne Riley, a WHO scientist, presented a picture of current WHO projects and spoke about issues relating to alcohol advertising and promotion, especially their impact on global health.

Papers by three of the delegates to the Cambridge Conference were published in the Globe magazine and these can be viewed from the link below.

Globe no 3 2003 (pages 11-19)