GAPA Virtual Event 2022

GAPA Virtual Event off­ered interactive sessions in three diff­erent time zones 12-13 October 2022. Each day there was a session with key-note speakers which was followed by a regional session with comments from a panel of regional representatives and discussion among participants. The GAPA Virtual Event was hosted by the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance in cooperation with its regional alliances. The keynote presentations are now available on video. A report from the event will be issued.

Thank you to the hosts and expert panellists for such a thought provoking presentation/discussion!

Participant in GAPA VE 2022

Day 1: Launch: Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity, third edition

Day one of the GAPA Virtual Event was dedicated to the launch of Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity, 3rd Edition.

This leading publication has been thoroughly revised and updated. It provides an international perspective on the global impact of alcohol use, the current state of alcohol policy research, and the effectiveness of 69 different strategies and interventions that have been scientifically evaluated. The paper version of the book is now available for pre-publication orders. There will be a free e-book version available at the time of publication, along with a summary article in ADDICTION. All royalties from sales of the book go to the British Society for the Study of Addiction in order to fund translations in languages other than English.
Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity

Keynote presentations:

Alcohol Harms

Professor Jürgen Rehm

Alcohol Harms to others

Dr Taisia Huckle

Effective Alcohol Policies

Professor Thomas Babor

Update on the WHO SAFER alcohol policy initiative

Dag Rekve, WHO

Regional panel with discussion

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Asia and Western Pacific region

Chair: Dr Orratai Waleewong,
International Health Policy Programme,


Dr Kedar Marahatta,
WHO Nepal
Cost Effective Policies in Nepal

Ms Kristen Maynard,
Independent Consultant, New Zealand
Indigenous rights and alcohol policies in Aotearoa NZ

Professor Shiwei Liu,
Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China
Assessing alcohol policies in China: IAC SAFER project

Ms Xi Yin,
WHO, Western Pacific Regional Office,
WHO WPRO role in assisting middle income countries to implement effective alcohol policies

Europe, African and Middle East region

Chair: Ms Boi-Jeneh Jalloh
FoRUT Sierra Leone, Board member West African Alcohol Policy Alliance


Dr Sheila Gilheany,
Alcohol Action Ireland; Board member Eurocare
The use of comprehensive alcohol policy in Europe. The case of Ireland

Ms Sedef Erçetin Gencosmanoglu,
Turkish Green Crescent
Need For Alcohol Policy in Majority Non-Drinker Countries: The Case of Turkey

Ms Florence Kamayonza Baingana,
WHO African Regional Office,
WHO AFRO role in assisting middle income countries to implement effective alcohol policies

The Americas

With interpretation to/from Spanish

Chair: Ms Alicia Sparks,
U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance, USA


Mtro. Erick Antonio Ochoa,
Salud Justa, Mexico
Civil Society engagement for policies to reduce alcohol consumption Mexico.

Ms Pamela Trangenstein,
Alcohol Research Group, USA
The importance of controls on alcohol outlets to reduce harm

Ms Laura Cury,
ACT Saude Publica, Brazil
Alcohol policy to promote SDGs

Dr Maristela Monteiro,
WHO American Regional Office/Pan American Health Organisation,
PAHO’s role in assisting countries in the Americas to implement effective alcohol policies

Day 2: Addressing cross-border alcohol marketing

Keynote presentations:

The challenges to regulation from digital alcohol marketing

Ass Prof Nic Carah, UQ, Australia

Alcohol Marketing Policy

Juan Tello, WHO

Alcohol Marketing Regulation

Benn McGrady, WHO

Regional panel with discussion

Expand to see panellists for each regional session.

Asia and Western Pacific region

Chair: Gianna Gayle (Herrera) Amul, GAPA Board Member


Dr Kong Mom,
Cambodia Movement for Health,
The role of marketing in an expanding alcohol market

Dr Wit Wichaidit, Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
Thailand’s experience with alcohol marketing control: more comprehensive response needed

Ms Maria Fatima “Jofti” Villena,
Center for Policy Studies and Advocacy on Sustain­able Development (The Policy Center), Philippines
Using stakeholder/ political-mapping activities to progress regulation of alcohol marketing

Ms Chandni Gupta,
Consumer Policy Research Centre, Australia
Regulating deceptive and manipulative online design

Europe, African and Middle East region

Chair: Ms Kristina Sperkova,  Movendi International


Mr Ediomo-Ubong Nelson,
International Blue Cross; Global Drug Policy Observatory, Swansea University, UK/Nigeria
Women Beer Promoters in Nigeria

Mr Benjamin Anabila,
INSLA; Ghana Alcohol Policy Alliance
Alcohol marketing and young  peoples’ drinking in Ghana

Ms Nesrin Özkan,
Green Crescent Society, Turkey,
Alcohol marketing in a majority non-drinker country, the case of Turkey 

Ms Alison Douglas,
Alcohol Focus Scotland
Recommendations from an international Network on regulation of alcohol marketing

The Americas

With interpretation to/from Spanish

Chair: Dr Rohan Maharaj, Healthy Caribbean Coalition


Professor Thomas Babor,
University of Connecticut School of Medicine, USA
Risks from exposure to alcohol marketing

Dr Daniela Pantani,
Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil
The urgent need for alcohol marketing regulation in Latin America

Mayra Jimenez,
Alcohol Justice; California Alcohol Policy Alliance
Alcohol marketing and youth

Jeffrey Chester,
Centre for Digital Democracy, USA
Regulating digital marketing of alcohol: challenges and opportunities