The WHO Alcohol Action Plan will be coming up at the 75th World Health Assembly (WHA) in the end of May 2022. The Action Plan has been developed through a consultative process during the last two years and GAPA is welcoming the final adoption of the action plan. It was recommended for adoption by the WHO Executive Board meeting (EB150) in January 2022.

Given its bundling into the NCD suite of documents and the recommendation from the EB to adopt the Alcohol action plan Member States may refrain from proposing amendments to the text of the action plan and also from proposing additional points for the resolution/decision. If, however, the matter is opened for negotiations in intersessional meetings or in the WHA, GAPA wants to ensure the opportunity is used to address some shortcomings of the present text and recommends promoting:

  • regular reporting to the WHA,
  • strengthening support for Member States to manage interference in policy making by the alcohol industry,
  • protecting recommendations for the Best Buy alcohol policies and the WHO SAFER measures, and
  • reinstating the target of a 20% reduction in alcohol per capita consumption (APC) by 2030.

See more details of GAPA’s policy position for WHA: