The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance has followed with interest the debate around issuing alcohol licences at petrol stations in South Africa and in a letter to Presiden Cyril Ramaphosa raised concern over the present development. “With the serious challenges related both to alcohol problems and road traffic deaths and injuries, allowing petrol stations to become additional alcohol outlets is the wrong signal to send.”

GAPA points to the serious problems related to road traffic injuries in South Africa and worldwide and point to the WHO SAFER initiative which recommends measures both to advance and enforce drink driving measures and strengthen restrictions on alcohol availability. The issues related to alcohol licences for petrol stations has been raised by GAPAs affiliate regional alliance, the Southern Africa Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) and alcohol policy advocates in South Africa.

In the letter GAPA strongly requests President Ramaphosa to support all provinces in making necessary regulations and impose a moratorium on liquor licences at petrol stations and expedite the process to pass necessary legislation to reduce alcohol harm in South Africa, including along the roads.

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Letter SA Petrol Stations 20 Aug 2021