The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) made a submission to the web-based consultation (10-16 May 2018) with comments on the draft report of the WHO Independent High-level Commission on NCDs. Having reviewed the draft report, GAPA commend the work of the Commission.

The Commission in the outset recognises the lack of global progress in combating NCDs. This underlines the urgency to step up interventions to prevent and control NCDs in order to meet the targets set for 2030. Harmful use of alcohol is recognized as one of the four major modifiable risk factors driving the rise in Non-communicable diseases worldwide. Addressing the risk factors is paramount in preventing and controlling NCDs. Without successful prevention, the burden on the health systems and the cost to society at large will be too big to cope with, particularly in low and middle income countries where NCDs are a major challenge.

Our comments follow the headlines of the Commission’s report and can be downloaded below (pdf):